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Founded in 2009, we began with a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses like yours get a real return on their technology investments.

In January 2012, we re-branded our company name from My IT Guy to Cingular.  “The new company name is a reflection of what the company has become”, Jeff Tysco, President. “The name My IT Guy doesn't tell our complete story and what Cingular does” which signifies the company’s well rounded approach to business solutions and support. The name Cingular goes beyond the single business line that had started the company, but expands our product offerings to meet the expectations of our clients, vendors, and commitment to the community we serve.

We have remained dedicated to providing state-of-the-art IT support, service and products that allow our clients to get ahead of the competition and achieve greater success.

Our purpose is to create business success and peace of mind for our customers by providing the absolute best IT services, education, and products that enhance corporate and personal productivity.

Company Information

Cingular, Inc.
121 South Orange Ave
Suite 1500
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (321) 473-6400
Toll Free: (855) 694-8489

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