October 2012

Attention Central Florida Business Owners Looking To Upgrade Their Computer Network Within The Next 6 Months:

 Don’t Let Your Current Computer Guy Scare You Into Spending Thousands Of Potentially Wasted Dollars On That New Upgrade!


If you’re planning on refreshing, expanding or upgrading your computer network within the next 6 months, I’d like to show you a potentially far superior way to get the up-to-date computer network you need without the heavy costs, complexity and problems associated with most IT upgrades.  In fact, we typically lower our clients’ IT upgrade and maintenance costs by 25% while simultaneously:

  • Eliminating or drastically reducing system crashes, slowness, viruses and other annoying technical problems.
  • Delivering instant disaster recovery so you’ll never lose data due to a server crash, virus, hardware failure, disgruntled employee, fire or other data-erasing disaster.
  • Providing the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime on any device.

How Can We Deliver These Kinds Of Results?

By utilizing smart, efficient cloud computing technologies, we can not only simplify IT for your company, but also free you from having to purchase, install and maintain complex, expensive IT systems in house.

Free Cloud Readiness Assessment Shows You How To Scare
Away That Big Fat Expensive Server Upgrade Bill

At no cost or obligation, we’ll come to your office and conduct a thorough review of your computer network, backups and technologies.  We’ll analyze how you’re working right now and identify what areas are giving you the most problems.  From there, we’ll show you a simple, cost effective plan for upgrading your network to the cloud versus the traditional on-premise server and network you currently have. 

Even if you decide NOT to move your network to the cloud, you’ll find the information that we share with you to be extremely valuable and eye-opening as you make future decisions about IT. 

To Claim Your FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment, Contact Us Today!


How To Upgrade Your Entire Computer Network Without Writing A Big, Cash-Draining Check For A New Server

Claim your FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment to find out:

·        Whether or not your current business computing requirements are the right fit for moving your network to the cloud.

·        What considerations your business must overcome before you jump ship to cloud computing (there are a lot of factors to take into account).

·        How much you can really save by moving your computer network to the cloud


It’s FREE!  This “Treat” Comes With No “Tricks” Attached!  However, because our Cloud Readiness Assessments takes 4-5 hours to complete and deliver, we must limit this offer to businesses with at least 10 PCs and a Server. 

Claim Your Cloud Readiness Assessment Now!

September 2012

 Disaster Recovery Assessment Reveals How Quickly Your Business Could Be Back Up and Running After A Natural Disaster, Server Crash, Virus Attack, Or Other Data-Erasing Catastrophe


   Let’s face it… no one likes to think about bad things happening to them, much less planning for them –it IS one of those “important, not urgent” action items that (unfortunately) gets pushed to the back burner.


   But since September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, we wanted to get you jump-started by giving you a Disaster Recovery Business Assessment (a $297 Value) – for FREE! At no charge we’ll come to your office and conduct a thorough assessment to determine:  


·        How fast you could realistically be back up and running in the event of any natural or human disaster.

·        What backup, security and business continuity systems you currently have in place and determine whether they are sufficient.

·        Is all of your critical data being backed up, every day?

·        What are the largest threats to the security and integrity of your critical business data?

·        Do you know what steps and costs would be involved to rebuild your server and recover your data if you had to?


    Since this is free, you have no good excuse not to do it now. If we don’t find any problems, you’ll at least have peace of mind that your data is secure and that you could recover quickly in the event of a disaster. But if we DO find a few loopholes, you’ll be able to fix them BEFORE you experience an unexpected catastrophe.


How Fast Could Your Business Be Back Up And Running After A Natural Disaster, Server Crash, Virus Attack, Or Other Data-Erasing Catastrophe?


Claim your FREE Disaster RecoveryAssessment and get answers to these critical questions:

·        How fast could you realistically be back up and running in the event of any natural or human disaster?

·        What backup, security and business continuity systems do you currently have in place and are they sufficient?

·        Is all of your critical data being backed up, every day?

·        What are the largest threats to the security and integrity of your critical business data?

·        Do you know what steps and costs would be involved to rebuild your server and recover your data if you had to?


 Contact us to Claim your FREE Disaster Recovery Assessment

Absolutely no cost or obligation!

August 2012

So What’s The Harm In A Little Personal Web Surfing And E-mailing Now And Again At Work?

Staggering When You Look At These Alarming Statistics: 

 Another Monday morning and you look over your office of busy employees hard at work on their computers.

 What you may not realize is…

  • Angela from sales is searching for another job. She surfs all of your competitor’s sites and uploads her resume to their HR department…
  • John in production is reviewing this weekend’s game highlights play-byplay on his favorite sports site…
  • Jeff in customer support is making the entire network run slow by downloading huge MP3 files of Mega Death live in concert…
  • Mary, your secretary is accessing her personal Gmail account via your network and accidentally downloading a virus…
  • Dave from shipping is on hotdate.com looking at questionable photos…

 If you have employees with unmonitored access to e-mail and the Internet, there are a number of activities they can participate in that can harm your business:

  1. Bandwidth Costs: Heavy graphics, video clips, and audio files are particularly notorious for clogging digital pipelines. If your staff is emailing photos of their family vacation to their friends, paying bills online, or downloading music, they are using up a huge amount of expensive bandwidth and slowing down your organization as a result.
  1. Legal Liability: 70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the 9-to-5 workday (SexTracker) and 27% of Fortune 500 companies have been accused of sexual harassment stemming from inappropriate e-mail and Internet usage. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that companies can be held accountable for their employees forwarding offensive messages and viewing pornography.
  1. A Damaged Reputation: A lawyer at a London firm forwarded an explicit email he received from a female acquaintance to several co-workers as a joke. Unfortunately, they sent it on to a few of their friends and within a short period of time, thousands of people from around the world, including the press, received it. Because of this e-mail, they ended up in a huge controversy that hurt their image and credibility.
  1. Loss of Productivity: E-mail and the Internet offer a temptation that is hard to resist; that’s why 73% of employees who use the Internet are fully aware that they are consuming valuable bandwidth and hampering critical business activities with inappropriate Internet usage – but do it anyway.
  1. Viruses and Spyware: Employees can accidentally (or intentionally!) download harmful viruses and spyware through music files, screen savers, and other online files.

So what can you do to protect your organization?

During the month of August, we’d like to offer you a FREE Internet and E-mail Usage Audit worth $300 that will instantly give you some insights into how your employees are using company e-mail and Internet during work hours.

     At no cost or obligation, we will come on-site and to perform an audit, which will instantly give you a snapshot of where your employees are going online and how much time they are spending surfing the web on non-work related activities.  This audit will also expose lurking problems caused by inappropriate employee usage of the Internet and e-mail, spam, or inadequate virus protection.

 Contact us to Claim your FREE Web and E-mail Usage Audit!

Absolutely no cost or obligation!

July 2012

Declare Freedom From Computer Problems!


The 5 Biggest Mistakes Central Florida Business Owners
Make With Their Computer Network That Cost
Them Time, Money and Aggravation


 Want to avoid the most common and expensive computer problems most Central Florida business owners experience? Then read on! We’ve compiled a list of 5 things you should be doing to save yourself a lot of time and money, by avoiding a big, ugly computer disaster.

 1.      Have an automated off-site back-up system in place. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Having an off-site back-up of your data will be the equivalent of wearing a seatbelt in a major accident. You don’t think much about it until you need it, and then, you will thank your lucky stars you had it in place.

 2.      Centralize your data on your server. At one time, servers only made sense for large organizations because of their high cost and complexity. But today, there are very affordable and easy-to-implement server systems designed specifically for any size small business. Depending on your business needs, your server can be in your office or hosted in the cloud. A server will not only speed up your network, but it will also make backups easier, allow secure remote access to allow you and your employees to work from home or on the road, and make it much easier to share documents, databases, and printers.

 3.      Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date, and perform weekly spyware scans. Almost everyone understands the importance of anti-virus software, but many businesses still do not perform weekly spyware sweeps. Spyware can cause a host of problems that include slowing down your systems, pop-up ads, and even identity theft.

 4.      Create an acceptable use policy and enforce it! One of the biggest threats to your network are your employees! Although that sounds harsh, it is true. Employees can accidentally introduce viruses and spyware through innocent activities online such as checking their Gmail account, downloading photos, or visiting phishing websites set up by online criminals. There are several great programs available for monitoring employee activity online. If you would like a recommendation for your specific situation, call our office.

 5.      Perform regular maintenance. Just like your car, a computer network needs regular maintenance. This includes monitoring of critical components, performance, security patches, and your back-up system. Regular maintenance can dramatically improve the speed and reliability of your network, as well as the security of your data. If you cannot afford to lose data or be down for days, you must perform regular maintenance on your network!


Contact Us To Make Sure You Aren’t
Making These 5 Mistakes In Your Business!


June 2012

Who Else Wants To Save Thousands On New Computer Hardware, Software And IT Support While “Going Green?”

If you want a much cheaper way to upgrade your computer network that is also more environmentally friendly, read on…

Through the power of Cloud Computing, imagine being able to replace your complex, power-sucking, expensive workstations and servers with a much less expensive cloud infrastructure that requires very little power or space to operate.

Thousands of businesses are rapidly trading in their overblown, traditional computer equipment for virtualized desktops and cloud-based servers because of the incredible cost savings in hardware, software and maintenance. Plus it offers instant disaster recovery, the ability to securely work from home or on the road AND it drastically reduces the amount of power needed, making it far more environmentally friendly. Here are just a few of the reasons why you may benefit from moving your company to the cloud:

  • Instantly drop your overall IT expenses (hardware, software, maintenance and power) by 50% or more.
  • Get 2-3 more years out of the hardware you DO purchase. Traditional PCs require replacement every 3 years, whereas a virtualized desktop can last up to 5 or 6.
  • Have new employees set up within hours instead of days.
  • Automatic disaster recovery and protection from fire, flood, theft, viruses and other natural disasters.
  • Instant remote access to your e-mail and files from home or on the road.
  • Save on electricity (cutting costs and going green), but also reduce the amount of equipment cluttering up your office.
  • Easier to maintain which means lowered IT support costs.

If you want to understand what “moving to the cloud” means and whether or not it’s right for you, call us for a free cloud assessment that will reveal how much you could save by going to the cloud. This will purely be an educational and informative meeting – not a heavy pressure sales call. During this meeting we will:

- Explain in plain English what “going to the cloud” means and answer any questions you have about the pros and cons of switching.

- Give you a 4-year cost comparison between upgrading your current traditional network and virtualizing your network that will show what you can save on hardware, software and support.

- Review your current backup solution to see if you really could be back up and running fast in the event of a disaster.


Want to know if cloud computing is right for you? Contact us for a FREE cost savings analysis of replacing or upgrading your current network to a virtualized office.
Absolutely no cost or obligation!

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