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When it comes to small and medium businesses, trusting your IT technology and the people who take care of it is essential to success. That’s why we’re there for you, making sure your business runs smoothly every day. Our advanced monitoring, ticketing and management tools eliminate the hassle of paying hourly IT service professionals you don’t know or trust.

Why Cingular? Providing dependable IT services to your business is our business. We standardize your network, hardware and software to guarantee consistency and reliability. As an extension of your business, we are dedicated to proactive, not reactive, guaranteed results.

You have experienced a computer disaster
You know the risk and the stress of losing critical business data and experiencing downtime. At Cingular we take a proactive approach that reduces the chance of problems, with around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance.
Your LAN or WAN is too slow
You sense your investment in employee productivity is not maximized because of poor network performance.


Your IT investments are not providing you with an acceptable ROI
As your business grows, so does the complexity of your IT. The part-time or do-it-yourself approach simply doesn’t work anymore. At Cingular, we have 17 years of experience working with businesses to insure your IT investments pay you dividends.
You have virus or spyware problems
Computer performance problems can be symptoms of infections that can lead to potential loss of critical data, or security breaches of your network. Cingular’s professionals are experienced in the removal of these infections and the protection of computer networks.


You lost IT staff or want to augment IT staff
In a small company, the loss of your IT person can be a major problem. At Cingular, we team up with you to fill the gaps in capacity and experience with IT, so you can focus on growing your business.
You are concerned about data backups
Deep down, you’re not sure that if the worst were to happen your data would be safe. Cingular is experienced in creating and integrating disaster recovery plans that give your business total confidence in the protection of critical data.


You are moving or expanding your office
A move is a great opportunity for things to go right, and for things to go wrong. Bring in Cingular early and we’ll help make sure you’ve got the right IT infrastructure, with minimal disruption to your business.
You are concerned about network security
You know weak security puts your company at risk-financially, legally and otherwise. Cingular knows not only how to make sure your systems are secure, but also how to help you get the policies and procedures in place to stay secure.


Don’t accept problems. They can be fixed.

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