Why Outsource your IT Infrastructure Management?

More and more companies are discovering that selective outsourcing is the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage their business-critical IT infrastructures.

Unlike traditional outsourcing, where an outside organization takes control of your equipment and your staff, selective outsourcing allows your IT organizations to contract for the specific critical services needed to run your IT infrastructure – while maintaining overall control.

Because a selective outsourcer like Cingular designs, installs and manages hundreds of networks, we apply best practices to your infrastructure, allowing you to gain immediate benefit from your new technology – there is no learning curve. The selective outsourcer handles the complexity of your new technology, allowing you to enjoy the benefits.

Five Reasons to Selectively Outsource IT Infrastructure Management

  1. Increased IT infrastructure performance and uptime. Even short periods of downtime can result in lost business, dissatisfied customers, and a decrease in productivity. But maintaining high levels of network availability requires an investment in performance monitoring and management technology that is often beyond the reach of many companies. By using Cingular, the cost of building and maintaining leading-edge technology is spread out across numerous companies, allowing each to benefit from increased efficiency and cost savings. Furthermore, our experience designing, deploying and managing hundreds of networks using advanced technologies and automated processes results in world class benchmarks that include:
  • Mean time to notify of less than 15 minutes
  • Mean time to develop a resolution plan of less than 30 minutes
  • Mean time to repair problems of less than 4 hours
  • All resulting in an average of 99.5% uptime availability for a typical client’s IT infrastructure
  1. Simplified staffing complexity. In addition to hiring and training, the complexity of staffing a 7x24x365 operation is overwhelming for many businesses. Many overstaff just to prepare for peaks, off-hours and holidays, while for others the IT staff is stretched thin, on-call night and day. This leads to rapid burn-out, intensifying the staffing challenge. When the day-to-day chore of managing your IT infrastructure is outsourced to Cingular, the challenge of staffing a round-the-clock operation is seamless, freeing existing staff to focus on less stressful and more fulfilling projects.
  1. Improved ability to focus on core competencies. The day-to-day management of an IT infrastructure can negatively impact your IT department’s ability to support more strategic initiatives, as well as their ability to rapidly adopt new technologies. By selectively outsourcing with Cingular, internal resources can be redeployed to business-critical projects that enhance your business’ performance, competitiveness, and profitability – without investing in disparate tools or turning total control over to a comprehensive outsourcer.
  1. Improved ability to adopt new technology. In order to take advantage of the benefits offered by new technology, businesses must constantly evaluate, install and integrate new hardware and software. As a result, IT organizations – already stretched for time and money – are faced with the ongoing task of training existing staff or searching for new-hire engineers and technicians. By outsourcing to Cingular, the burden of evaluating and implementing new technology is passed on to a third-party that specializes in maintaining a forward-looking view combined with an advanced level of knowledge and certified expertise.
  1. Reduced costs and mitigation of risk. For all of the reasons above, selectively outsourcing with Cingular results in significant cost savings, as well as a reduction in risk.

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