Why Cingular?

A partner in IT means lower costs and higher productivity

Imagine an employee who works around the clock, every day of the year. An employee who never takes a sick day. Never gets burned out. Never asks for a raise. An employee whose training is ahead of the curve, with expertise in all areas of IT infrastructure management – from data and voice networks to security management.

That’s exactly what Cingular provides. We offer proactive, end-to-end management for your complete IT infrastructure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You also gain access to a team of industry experts equipped with some of the most powerful remote management technology available today.

That means when a problem hits at 2:00 am, we’re all over it. And you’re covered. Period.

Cingular can anticipate, identify and resolve issues faster, more accurately and less expensively than any other company. Including yours.

We are uniquely positioned to offer your business:

  • Faster discovery and resolution of problems. Our remote management technology proactively polls your network every 90 seconds. That’s three times more frequently than expensive enterprise software solutions – which means Cingular gets to the root cause of issues faster. Behind the advanced technology is a team of experts certified in a wide range of voice, data and security technologies. Our expert staff maintains relationships with all the major carriers and hardware vendors, allowing us to provide a single point of accountability for your most complex issues – with faster resolution and less disruption to your business.
  • Greater accuracy and precision. Our remote management technology is proactive, accurately discovering faults and often making corrections without human intervention. By automating the more routine tasks, Cingular’s experts are free to focus on solving the more complex and critical problems that threaten to interrupt your business – often before an interruption occurs. The proactive resolution of potential problems and the precise deployment of personnel to tackle the more complex challenges directly translate into less downtime and greater cost savings for you.
  • Less expensive than doing it yourself. In most cases, Cingular can monitor and manage your IT infrastructure for less than you can do it yourself. In fact, for a number of recent implementations we helped our customers realize over 40% savings. By monitoring and managing thousands of devices with our industry-leading remote model, we’ve achieved efficiencies of scale that are nearly impossible for even the largest companies to replicate in-house. And when you rely on Cingular, you no longer need to worry about the hidden costs associated with managing new or changing technology. IT infrastructure management becomes a fixed expense, supported by a no-strings-attached, money-back guarantee.

Our customer satisfaction and uptime benchmarks are impressive. So is our commitment to standing behind our work, which is why Cingular offers a straightforward money-back guarantee. If we don’t live up to the goals set for your company, you don’t pay our monthly fee.

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